Kimberly Clark / Kleenex

A Family of Individuals

Over the past 99 years, Kleenex has continually evolved to meet the needs of consumers, providing comfort for everything from streaming noses to tears of joy and sadness. However, to stay relevant in the minds of consumers and respond to increasing competition in an overcrowded market, Kleenex needed to evolve again. Our objective was to elevate the brand with a premium look and feel, simplify the range, improve clarity of communication, and refresh the brand image to appeal to a new generation of shoppers.

Portfolio strategy

Brand Design

Packaging Design

Artwork Production

The new design embraces Kleenex’s rich heritage by prioritising its well-established brandmark and caring brand personality to deliver a contemporary, stripped-back aesthetic that draws focus to a single-minded product benefit through a new icon system that emphasises product superiority.

Working across the whole portfolio the existing range colours were amplified and, to enhance the brand’s softness proposition, a new ‘soft focus’ brand pattern was introduced. Improving the clarity of each variant’s proposition, we created a holistic portfolio with a consistent tone of voice across all consumer touchpoints, ensured effective shelf navigation and improved stand-out whilst reinforcing the core Kleenex values of care, comfort and reliability.

Working concurrently for supermarket shelves and for the home, the resultant design delivers a defining stamp of quality and an unmistakeable Kleenex look and feel.