William Grant & Sons and LVMH

21st Century futures for Heritage brands

Businesses like distilleries, steeped in traditional behaviours, are facing a very different future. Will they still be shipping liquid spirits around the world in heavy glass bottles in 20 years’ time? Will we still be drinking alcohol? How will the champions of sociability maintain their crown?

Working with our heritage clients we envision the future together. Innovating with empathy, we look through the eyes of their future consumers to understand how to build upon their legacy in this new landscape.

Future Visioning

Business Strategy

Service Innovation

Sustainable Design

Packaging Innovation


Welcome to the year 2040

The conscious collective Sophie, 37, Berlin Next
The self optimisers Mei, 28, Shangai Next
The lifelong learners Chris, 58, Digital Nomad Next


By planning your future, you can take your next step with confidence

We developed 5 innovation roadmaps for William Grant & Sons to match resources with objectives.

We built Concept Cars for Belvedere to sell in new innovation to customers and retailers.


We had the opportunity to initiate a future visioning programme for William Grant & Sons at one of our annual Marketing summits attended by over 80 of our brand managers and marketeers. ECHO’s short films, capturing the lives of three different consumers in the future, immersed the entire room in the challenges and opportunities of the next decade. This really kickstarted an exciting process, collaborating together with ECHO, across brands, which generated new, future facing, strategic thinking and innovation. Two years onwards these videos are still cited within the business.


Damien Heary, Global Strategy & Insight Director