Kleenex: New Wellbeing-Inspired Range

Echo Partners With Kleenex on a Wellbeing-Inspired Tissue Collection to Support UK Charity Mind

by Chloe Gordon on 08/17/2021 | 2 Minute Read

Every year, fall gallops in as a way to save us from ruining one more shirt from the despised yet inevitable sweat stains, the overpopulation of mosquitos, and general heat-induced crankiness.

While fall brings many good things, it also brings the inevitable bouts of colds, which, this year of all years, we all want to avoid even the slightest sniffle. But, as with any near certainty, we can’t avoid it.

Brand design and innovation agency Echo has leaned into the fact that we’re all going to get sick this year and partnered with Kleenex to create a tissue box and pocket pack range in partnership with Mind, the UK’s leading mental health charity.

Echo designed four boxes that combine an uplifting statement with vibrant gradient backdrops. Suggestive of different moods, there are various containers to choose from, ranging from soothing shades of aqua to bright orange hues. Each cube highlights a vignette of simple pleasures from ‘sun-filled rooms’ to ‘freshly-squeezed limes.’ The poems encourage consumers to appreciate the small things and observe their present surroundings, which is a vital part of the mindfulness practice.

“Lockdown has put everyone’s emotional wellbeing under unimaginable pressure but has also facilitated more open and honest conversations about mental health,” said Jenny Cook, a creative strategist at Echo. “When our long-term collaborator Kleenex approached us to design their new ‘Collection’ range, we saw an opportunity to take a more purpose-driven direction that would encourage people to check in with themselves and their loved ones. We hope to empower customers to embrace self-care such as mindfulness, which is even more important in the wake of the pandemic.”

Inspired by Kleenex’s distinct branding, the typography on the boxes is minimalistic, enabling bright colors and positive messages to stand out.

So, while you can’t avoid a stuffy nose, we can turn this negative into a positive by supporting brands that support mental health organizations that make an impact and a difference. For every Take a Moment box or pocket pack purchased, Kleenex will donate to Mind, with a minimum contribution of £100,000. The donation will help fund up to 25,000 calls to Mind’s Infoline so more people can get the information, advice, and assistance they need.

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