04/03/2021 Megan Rae and Clare Taylor

Covid-19 Design Trends – Face Masks


As wearing a face mask has become common practice in the UK, our communities are learning to adapt to this “new normal”, accompanied by strict social distancing guidelines. For Asian cultures, wearing facemasks has been ingrained in their system for decades. Particularly during flu season in busy cities like Tokyo, being greeted by a swarm of white surgical masks on public transport was nothing out of the ordinary.

In 2021, it is now time for the UK to take a leaf out of Tokyo’s book; Covid is here to stay and likely so are face coverings. Granted, overrunning the London Underground in a surgical mask is hardly chic, so how are brand’s adapting to ensure that people are kept safe, but that their outfits and overall individuality shines through?

Facemasks, but make it fashion.

Masks are an inspiring example of creating something beautiful, as well as an accessory that protects those around us – now how many handbags can claim that?! Keeping safe has never been trendier and Echo Designer Clare Taylor has shared some of her favourite mask designs since lockdown hit. Like many of us, she will continue to wear her facemask even when the vaccines have rolled out, as per the government guidelines.


Embroidered daisy mask by Lirika Matoshi 

Now this mask designed by Lirika Matoshi is just stunning. Covered in beautiful daisies, it is perfect for Spring in the coming months!

Tia Adeola

I warm to these as they are super high fashion. Tia’s clothes have been worn by the likes of SZA, Lorde and Susie Bubble. A dramatic look and one that allows you to see the person’s facial features! NB: this mask comes with a double layered cotton mask to wear underneath for protection.

Caricature masks

If this doesn’t give you a chuckle or two, nothing will! Can’t imagine anything brightening up your morning shop than being confronted with the over-accentuation of facial features down the fruit and veg aisle. Image from an Etsy online store.


The Vampires Wife

For those who are fans of matchy-matchy, this mask is for you and can be accompanied with a matching tote bag! Ideal for anyone who feels like they have their life in order with matching accessories. The Vampires Wife has a great selection of silk masks with frill details and bags – I am in love!



Henri is a London based independent shop known for commitments focussed on ethical employment, the environment, and women’s empowerment. At Echo, we do love fashion with a cause!


Inclusive design 

For those who need their mouth visible for communication, transparent masks are a popular choice. This mask was created by Anissa Mekrabech under the slogan ‘your lips are my ears’. The mask allows lip reading for the deaf and hearing-impaired. Check out the website here! 


Embellished Couture by Voravaj Bangkok

*Madonna’s ‘Vogue’ plays softly in the background* This may give your neck muscles a bit of a workout, but if you want to make a statement, this mask will do it!


National Portrait Gallery: Tudor Face Covering

For those Historians among you, take a trip back in time to Tudor England, with these National Portrait Gallery masks! Designer Ron Arad created these unique sets of face coverings, giving the buyer a choice of the fallen Queen Anne Boleyn, King Henry VIII and Queen Elizabeth I.


So there you have it! Stay safe but look fabulous!


Images are from the following online stores:

National Portrait Gallery

Voravaj Bangkok Official Instagram 

Masque Inclusif


The Vampires Wife


Tia Adeola

Lirika Matoshi



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