Design that inspires change

We help brands navigate and succeed in a world that is in a continuous state of flux. The role of design is to bring order and harmony to this uncertainty and dissonance.

Technological advancement, social evolution and environmental pressures are the causal forces for change we are grappling with today, but there is always something else to contend with over the horizon. Design is the process we use to help brands gather all these threads together, bringing coherence, value and, hopefully, happiness to our world through the solutions we build together.

Change is good for brands. It heralds new opportunities, keeps us fresh and is the fundamental consequence of progress. Design is the tool we use to manage and take advantage of this dynamic. We all do it, but sometimes there are teams with a natural aptitude in their mindset and techniques. Echo is one such team.

Our People

Our people

We are an absurdly talented, tight-knit and tenacious team who feed off every challenge. We have wise heads on young shoulders, and fresh thinking from those who have seen it all before. We are sticklers for the strength of an idea and the robustness of its execution.

We straddle the hard world of science and technology and the emotional domain of values and people. We provoke, collaborate, translate, mediate and mentor, all in equal measure. We get inside consumers’ minds and give them what they really need, but not always what they might think they want. Underpinning this we also know that, as designers, we have the means, and so a duty, to look after our precious planet.

Our Role

“Designing every engagement point needs a plan. Talk to us much earlier than you would think; strategy is part of the design process. Deep insight and great ideas are only the beginning. Craft lands design and detailing completes it.

We believe an innovation pipeline should go in tandem with a brand vision. Let’s build them together and reap the joined-up benefits. Changing our world to protect our planet creates uncertainty, great design-thinking turns that uncertainty into opportunity.”

Nick Dormon, Founder

Our Design Tools

Creative Positioning

Creative Positioning is an interpretation of your brand that unlocks the power of design to amplify your distinctiveness and value by tuning your brand to individual customer and consumer interactions.

Dynamic Identity

Market complexity requires a Dynamic Identity that maintains continuity and recognition yet maximises the capabilities of every channel and interface. Dynamic Identity is a single-minded, yet flexible design architecture that orchestrates and supports a host of co-ordinated assets over space and time.

ESG Communications

Echo’s ESG Communications approach sees sustainability metrics through the eyes of the consumer, building trust through intent and emotion as well as action. This extends to engaging the consumer in their role in circularity through tools like Nudge Design.

Circular Systems Design

We work with technical and marketing teams to design the interactions and assets needed for circular systems, from new service and product offers to durable reusable packaging, to ensure new supply-chains are consumer friendly and beneficial.

Our innovation tools

Future Visioning

A long-view, pragmatic approach to innovation that provides the opportunity to imagine what your brand could be and to decide how to get there. We use design techniques, like scenario development, to bring experts together to see the world through the eyes of your future consumer and collectively build a plan, prototypes and briefs.

Design to Net-Zero

Diverse carbon reduction stakeholders need a facilitator to build understanding, encourage cross-function ideas and enhance collaboration and decision-making. A specialist version of Future Visioning takes on this role with bespoke exercises to source, scale and carbon stack initiatives to achieve net-zero.

Tactical Innovation

Tactical innovation respects and strengthens core brand values with offers that express the brand in the context of shorter-term or location-specific situations. This could be seasonal or market-specific, like travel retail, or e-commerce.