VO5 is the UK’s leading styling brand: it provides women with all the tools they need to get the look they want.


We had designed the brand’s previous packaging to effectively communicate the functional benefits of the product- VO5’s ‘adaptive haircare technology’.

But VO5 was starting to think about its brand in a new way: it was less about technology and more about style, emotion and attitude. They needed this new way of thinking to be reflected in their packaging.

‘Express Yourself’ is all about individuality- women who know who they are and what they want. The new design sets out to capture this, focusing on the idea of getting the perfect ‘look’ to express your individuality.



We explored how graphic ideas, colour coding, treatments and finishes on pack could be used to manage the new architecture and create an effective, easily understood navigation system for the extensive range.



We created beautiful, elegant motifs to express the ‘look’ of each category.


Then we brought everything together to deliver a stylish, unique, and easily navigable range that both enables and encourages women to truly express themselves!