Enter the colourful world of creative play. Since 1937 SMARTIES has been synonymous for bringing fun and smiles to families worldwide through the combination of a great chocolate taste with strong play values to engage the senses and spark the imagination.

Echo has worked with the NESTLÉ International Travel Retail SMARTIES team to design and produce a portfolio of inspirational and differentiated gift offers that build on the idea of ‘Creating Colourful Stories’ 

Echo’s multidisciplinary design team has created a unique family of playful characters alongside inspiring gifts and dispenser packs that fulfil a range of different travel occasions, from in-travel entertainment to gifts to be brought home.

The travel retail environment offers SMARTIES a unique opportunity to engage with consumers and deliver a unique brand experience. By transporting ourselves back to childhood, we have immersed ourselves in the vibrant world of play with all its endless possibilities. 

Our toys have been designed to foster and activate creative play of the most imaginative kind, reinforcing the multi-sensory fun that SMARTIES brings.

Interactive experiences not only activate a magical Smarties world, they also create new positive behaviors through inspiring educational, interactive and role play experiences for audiences.

Our designs create multi-sensorial interactive experiences to transport audiences into exciting brand worlds.

Andrew Capper
Creative Director