Queen of streetwear couture, British fashion designer Katie Eary has taken the world by storm. With her new collection about to launch, she wanted to do something special to get her audience excited.

So she invited us round for a chat.

She told us about herself and her inspirations. And we unravelled the rich world of Katie Eary where streetwear meets couture and where taboo becomes desirable.

From this, we brought her show 'Dallas Rodeo' to life,
and to London town.

We created invitations for her SS15 show. They had to be provocative and exciting and in line with the Katie Eary brand. By developing the idea 'Texan BBQ' we were able to hint at the theme without giving too much away. 

We designed a VIP box containing a branded BBQ fork and playful, pop-your-own sausage with your invite inside; as well as irreverent die-cut steaks to whet the appetite. 

The fashion world was, once again, talking about this brilliant designer.

Working with ECHO is a breath of fresh air…fresh eyes, fresh minds, cool ideas! 

Katie Eary
Creative Director, Katie Eary Studio