giffgaff is the no contract, pay-as-you-go, online only mobile network. They do things differently. No crowded shops, no frustrating call centres. Instead, they keep costs low and reward their members for getting involved.

The first physical item that members feel and touch are their SIM packs, which arrive in the post. So these packs have to be engaging.

But, with the company growing at lightning speed, it was also important to devise a cost-effective solution to bring giffgaff’s playful brand identity to life and ignite energy and enthusiasm for sharing.


So giffgaff challenged ECHO to design a range of functional and engaging SIM packs that would be suitable for mass production, without compromising on the charm and playfulness of the brand.

We set about creating five different SIM packs- each had its own colour palate, and could be printed on standard A4 format.

We also designed a fun and easily understood giffgaff tone of voice which reflects their identity and compliments the design of the packs.

Finally, inspired by giffgaff’s ethos of spreading the love, we encouraged further interaction by incorporating an origami heart into each pack for members to make at home.

giffgaff's members spread the love even further, sharing their origami hearts widely across social media platforms.

Sharing within a community environment is at the heart of the business and the new sim packs are a great edition to our ethos. They are fun, encourage involvement and are great for delivering a functional product without losing our personality and our valuable customer connection.

Tom Rainsford
Head of Brand and Proposition, giffgaff