The deodorant market was full of straight-sided packs. All the brands were using similar structures, and there had been little innovation for a long time.

Degree Motionsense wanted to take the lead- to develop a more elegant and aspirational look and feel, and fast...

…so they came to ECHO.


Drawing on our expertise in both graphic and structural design, we helped to coordinate all stages of the design process. We acted as a hub, bringing together brand, finance, design, manufacturing and supply chain teams, to work together quickly and efficiently.


It took just seven months to progress from concept to design lock - record speed for Unilever.

We refreshed and modernised the graphics, and completely redesigned the pack structure.


The new pack is more vibrant and aspirational - two thin-walled components combine to create visible depth and a sculpted, feminine form - creating a highly sensorial user experience.

ECHO were an ideal partner in the development of our new deodorant range, collaborating throughout the project to deliver a beautiful pack in record time. Their expertise across structural, sensorial and graphic design helped the product to hit the brand sweet-spot and really resonate with our consumers.