When dissatisfied mums are jumping ship from a brand you need to know why... 
 ...and you need to know what to do about it. 

We wanted to know what they thought about the brand, the product, and the gaps between what it did and what they wanted it to do.

So we started by watching mums at home,
ith interesting results...


We ran workshops to learn even more...


Our design insight helped to re-energise the brand.

We improved 
the brand 

...and the brand message

Mums loved the pack as it made their lives easier and made those 3am feeds so much simpler to deal with.

Which all added up to say 'we care'.

Working with ECHO is a great experience. They have a passionate and highly knowledgeable team and are experts when it comes to designing complex but intuitive packaging solutions.

Merijn Dols, R and D Brand Manager