Cobra is Molson Coors’ award-winning Indian beer.
It quickly established a reputation as the perfect partner to Indian food and was embraced by curry-loving Brits all over the UK.


That was great! But the British market was changing. New and exciting world beers were flooding into pubs, bars and supermarkets, providing consumers with more exotic choices.

So it was perfect timing for Cobra to expand its reach beyond the curry-house, to appeal to beer-savvy drinkers seeking unconventional and interesting flavours and to transform Cobra into a big international brand.

We knew that we had to premiumise Cobra’s look and feel whilst keeping its Indian heritage inherent to the brand.

India is a complex place full of amazing contrasts, so we wanted our new designs to reflect the sophisticated cool of India's buzzing modern cities as well as its rich history and traditions.


We kept the iconic green and gold colours, an important part of Cobra’s overall identity, but we added texture, and refined the brand’s wordmark.



We also used flowing lines to emphasise Cobra’s
‘refreshingly smooth’
quality, evoking the movement of dancing Indian saris.

On the secondary packaging we made sure that our design emphasised the contrast between Cobra’s refreshing lightness, and its fuller-flavoured characteristics.



We designed a brand new font and new glassware.

The arresting champagne gold font is branded on three sides to stand out on bar. The glass is designed to be equally at home in a bar or on a restaurant table, with ridges around the base for a comfortable grip and to keep Cobra cooler for longer.

In research consumers perceived the new look as being more premium, stylish and modern. The brand’s potential had finally been realised, and it was ready to start its journey into the on and off-trade.

Cobra is a unique and iconic brand and our redesign is modern and sophisticated, fitting of an award winning beer. It is an exciting time for Cobra as we start our journey to lead the Molson Coors World Beer Category and ultimately become a top ten brand in the UK.

Lord Karan Bilimoria
Founder & Chairman of Cobra Beer