Carling wanted to appeal to more people on more occasions.


With summer quick approaching, Carling came to ECHO for help- they wanted to create a new product to rival popular tipples like rosé wines and ciders.

Through research we found that drinkers were becoming more and more health aware. They were drinking to socialise and to relax, not necessarily to get drunk.

So we settled upon a low ABV beer, flavoured with a refreshing splash of natural citrus. 


We knew that it had to retain a close relationship to the Carling brand, so we named the new drink Carling Zest and kept the design simple - adapting Carling’s core brand assets to make them appropriate for a lighter, summer beer.

We kept the black and silver of Carling’s core identity to enhance the brand’s premium positioning and we amplified the brilliance rays making them lighter and brighter for summer.... at the centre of the rays we placed a bold lime to clearly communicate the citrus flavour. 

The secondary packaging features the Carling Zest identity with an image of the bottle immersed in ice cubes creating an energetic splash.

The mission we set our brewing and innovations team was clear – make us a perfect drink for the summer. And in Carling Zest they’ve achieved just that.

Carling Senior Brand Manager, Molson Coors