Carling wanted to appeal to more people on more occasions, so they decided to launch a brand new product.

But they didn’t know what and they didn’t know how. They had no proposition, no name and no product!

So they came to ECHO for help.

We already had a strong relationship with Carling, having successfully helped to premiumise their core brand identity and packaging. So we came to the project with a comprehensive understanding of the brand and what it could do. Carling trusted our judgement.

We brainstormed, workshopped and researched.


We asked consumers what they thought about Carling. They said:

… all perfect attributes for cider!

Carling was delighted- the cider market had grown massively over the past decade, and for the first time was proving to be just as popular as lager with thirsty Brits.

We developed the new product’s propositioning:

Carling Cider had to be refreshingly crisp, with a hint of sweetness.



We designed brand new graphics for the bottle, can and all secondary packaging.


It was a hit!
Consumers loved it and Carling Cider won a gold medal in the cider category at the International Brewing Awards.


Our aim was to make a product that beats the competition on taste and refreshment and Carling Cider has done just that. The consumer response has been overwhelmingly positive.

Jeremy Gibson
Brand Director for Carling, Molson Coors UK