Half empty or half full?

By 2010, Carling was experiencing what the wider beer market was, volume decline. It needed to reconnect with consumers beyond the revelled football stands, and fast. Britain's biggest beer brand needed to feel more aspirational- more British.

But how does a Canadian beer, with a Czech brewing process, made
with British grain and pure water from the north of England feel British?
The answer: 


After all, Portuguese Jews brought fried fish to England. Britons added French fries, salt, vinegar and newspaper to make their national dish.

Originally from China and India, Britons added milk and plenty of sugar to tea to make it the national drink.

Even our red pillar boxes are a French idea, which, combined with Greek Doric architecture, created a distinct and iconic symbol of Britain. 

So being British is about adopting great ideas from all corners of the world and putting your own stamp on it. An idea we applied to Carling.

A crest is not only British in look but also in behaviour, integrating many elements to create a new more powerful symbol.

Just like Great Britain herself– the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.


We created a new wordmark and linked it with the crest by adding the brilliance rays.

We ensured that this simple yet brilliantly executed idea could be applied across the entire brand experience.

We designed a 2012 limited edition pack, combining Britishness with the brilliance rays.

ECHO's strategic thinking and design ability have proven to be very impressive. They understood our challenges and delivered a spectacular new visual identity which performed well in research.

Caroline Morley, Brand Manager