The housing rental industry is neither fair or friendly. There are 22 million renters in the UK with 60% of Londoners forecast to be renters by 2025. In addition, Londoners spend at least 60% of their wages on rent. 

Working in partnership with the team behind Canopy, Echo have created a brand that is rewriting the rulebook. Canopy puts people back at the heart of a currently broken system. The result is a rental community where all parties benefit through mutual empowerment. 

Canopy is pioneering a progressive future for everyone in the rental market. An App based offer, Canopy's Rent Passport™ connects a rental community built on merit and mutual respect. Canopy have engineered a post deposit reality by insuring trust. 

Echo needed to position Canopy so that it would resonate with a diverse audience of renters, landlords and agents, each with very different needs and agenda's.  

The brand name reflects an inclusive, encapsulating sense of protection combined with a freshness and vitality. The word mark uses a simple, open and approachable typeface that dispels any sense of bureaucracy. Inspired by a canopy, it is anchored to the word mark, suggesting an encompassing permanence. 

The brand's imagery reflects a sense of spirited dynamism. The high energy pace of urban living combined with a sense of accessibility and trust. 

Canopy is a facilitator of life's essential needs. The brand mark has a flexible system that can be scaled across different touchpoints providing a sense of responsive humanity combined with the assurance necessary in the important business of one's home.