Brylcreem's products have been helping British men to style their hair since 1928.
But the brand was starting to feel old fashioned- it had a declining consumer base and the brand was being outperformed by a host of global unisex competitors. So Brylcreem asked us to make the brand cool again, enabling them to appeal to a new generation of young Brits.

We worked with an ergonomist and conducted user observation.

Our designers were able to watch young lads interacting with their hair products. We asked lots of questions and the answers helped to spark our creative process.

We discovered that adolescent boys want to fit in; but they want to stand out too. Although this fine line is tricky to tread, the boys were often too embarrassed to ask for advice.

So we realised that Brylcreem was in the perfect position to help- and that’s how we came up with the brand proposition:

Safely Stylish

Then we got to work on the design, keeping 'safely stylish' in mind throughout the process.



We reworked the lion brandmark, which had been on Brylcreem’s packaging for over 80 years. The newly designed red lion has greater stature, poise and confidence, emphasising the brand’s heritage and credibility.


We kept things simple and uncomplicated, using black with red highlights and coloured icons making it easy to choose the right product for the style you want.


The gel pots were designed to reflect a more masculine and high performance aesthetic with the lid resembling an automotive petrol cap, debossed with the lion motif and with a built-in audible click when closing the lid.


The sleek black livery with red caps creates a powerful on-shelf presence and the coloured icons make it easy to choose the right product for
the style you want.

The launch of the brand new range reinforces Brylcreem’s effort to understand the changing grooming needs of the male consumer. With 80 years of experience in male grooming Brylcreem continues to perform, moving from strength to strength and taking the style of men seriously.

Marketing Director, Brylcreem