Nestlé was faced with declining sales of its former bestseller. Despite repeated attempts to modernise, After Eight wasn’t connecting any more.



Consumers still recognised the iconic chocolate mint, but we recognised its real value.

Distinctly crafted, After Eight is a brand with history and status, a confectionery product that has its own social ritual – a touch of formality. We knew that the outside needed to reflect the refinement of the inside.

The redesign was in the detail- the golden clock, stamped on each crisp, dark green square, represented a special moment of indulgence. 


The sophisticated, swirling typeface evoked days of elegance and splendour.


By re-building each precious element and putting the heart of the brand on the outside, it felt special once more and consumers fell in love with the brand all over again.

ECHO has been instrumental in the development of our brand from strategy to design implementation.
The team are dynamic and dedicated and their ability to communicate across all functions of the business has been invaluable.

Jess Bacon, Senior Brand Manager