Nick Dormon

Nick never settles.

He's been an engineer. A product designer.  An innovator. A strategist. He's worked on jets, pets and The BBC. Designed the Dancall telephone in the V&A, developed postboxes for Royal Mail and innovated Hoola Hoops for your thumbs. And yet, for someone with such varied experience, he's uniquely single minded when it comes to designing brands. Where, for Nick, everything is born out of a passion for expressing purpose. It's an infectious passion he's shared in the past when teaching at the Royal College of Art and Cambridge University. And now as an examiner for Kingston University's Product Design course. A passion that's been recognised by a number of British, US and German design awards. And a passion which he passes on to his clients.

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Insight & Innovation, Inspiration

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Nick Dormon

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Nick Dormon
Opinion, Inspiration

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Nick Dormon
Opinion, Insight & Innovation

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Nick Dormon