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Our team is an eclectic mix of brand strategists, 3D designers, graphic and digital designers, project managers and artworkers. We work with calligraphers, cognitive psychologists, editors, engineers, environmentalists, ergonomists, illustrators, interior designers, interaction designers, photographers and writers.

Nick Dormon


He's been an engineer, a product designer, an innovator, a strategist. He's worked on jets, pets and The BBC; designed the Dancall telephone in the V&A, developed postboxes for Royal Mail and even innovated thumb-friendly Hula Hoops. His extensive and varied experience in design and branding has informed the way that he works; driving passion, expressing purpose and adding value. This is an infectious passion which he has shared in the past when teaching at the Royal College of Art and Cambridge University and now as an examiner for Kingston University's Product Design course. A passion that's been recognised by a number of British, US and German design awards. And a passion which he continues to pass on to his colleagues and clients.


Claire Scott

Client Services

Claire was a dancer as a child appearing in a number of West End shows, but her pragmatic nature won out when she decided she wasn’t going to be the next prima ballerina. She fell quickly into the world of brand design after being taught by Nick at university and his invitation for work experience at Echo turned into a long-term career at Echo. Claire is a hugely valuable and passionate member of the Client Services team who manages projects large and small with the same enthusiasm, hard work and diligence. After years of growing with the agency, Claire has learnt the importance of speaking her mind and encourages those around her to do the same. 


Niall McRiner


Niall wanted to be an architect like his father but after seeing him go to work every day in a suit, decided that it wasn’t for him. And besides, he didn’t want to be responsible for something that could collapse on people. So instead, he directed his creative energies towards design. Niall brings an explosion of enthusiasm to every brief and encourages projects that are collectively achieved – whether it's a group sketching session or an idea brainstorming. Always looking to push himself, Niall runs a boutique record label, collects vintage objects, cycles long distances, plays tennis and is writing a novel. Not all at the same time of course. 

Nigel Ritchie


When Nigel was a boy he wanted to be an adventurer and archeologist. Then a fine art ceramicist and a photographer. And now... Nigel doesn't believe in boundaries and is always looking for inspiration from afar. Be it the natural world, architecture, music, fashion, art, photography, film or the world of design. He loves the role of being the fire starter - the igniter of ideas. Bringing the right mix of talent together on new and exciting challenges. A born problem solver, he hates jargon, avoidable complication and prevarication. And is blessed with an unerring ability to cut through the mist with exciting clarity.

Andrew Capper


Ever since presenting his teachers with a cowboy picture, done in intricate detail at the age of four, Andy's passion has been to see his 2D creations come to life. It's what led him to product design. And why he brings a hands-on approach to briefs - always thinking about how the team's creations will look and behave in the real world. His background in designing planes, trains and automobiles, injects a sense of momentum to each project. And his love for craft - be in Italian wine, shoes or motorbikes - spills over into his drive to bring beauty to the mundane.

Denise ‘Dee’ Poole

Client Services

Dee trained in clothing design but found she was a little too down to earth for the fashion world. Instead, she decided to channel her creative passion into design and branding. Always ready to step up to a new challenge, Dee makes the absolute most of the time she is given- in work and in life she wants to experience everything to the full. At Echo, she brings her passion for creative solutions to her role in client services and has grown and nurtured some of our biggest brands always using her project management skills to great effect. 

Nellie Veltman


Born and bred in the Capital, Nellie is always the first to discover the next fresh brand to burst onto the London scene. Her infectious passion and enthusiasm know no limits, and with over a decade’s experience in brand guardianship, global marketing and new business strategy, she has brought to life a multitude of brands. A little TLC goes a long way in the world of branding and Nellie knows how to handle with care and attention on every platform to ensure long-lasting loyalty and love from consumers.

Ollie Cole


Ollie has always been fascinated by the role that brands play within human culture. Recognising that brands with purpose deliver growth, he is drawn to those that are meaningful for the world, those that tell stories with which we can identify. He is future-focused in his graphic design approach and never afraid to consider the ‘what if..?’

Ollie is passionate about graphically bringing to life a big idea and methodical in his work approach. He is ambitious and driven by the satisfaction that comes with seeing his designs sitting en masse on the supermarket shelf.

Tashi van der Waerden


With a heart for insights and head for strategy, Tashi crafts evocative brand narratives rooted in rich consumer truth. Using qualitative research, cultural analysis and semiotics she positions brands to excite, engage and endear. 

Alastair Jones

Client Services

When he's not horse riding across deserts or fly-fishing in the most unlikely of places, Al has his feet firmly on solid ground. Bringing discipline, rigor and processes to the agency, his role is to instil a sense of order to the creative chaos that lies at the heart of Echo. To bring a practical intelligence to the wild imaginings. At the helm of the client team, his focus is on delivery and client satisfaction. And constantly improving both.

Christy Davies


Born in Korea, educated in Tokyo, Seoul, San Jose, Chicago, Cardiff and finally London. It’s unsurprising that Christy doesn’t like to be pinned down. With a quick and open mind, Christy soaks everything up. Always looking for fresh ways to solve any problem, her work is always on-brief, on-trend and beautifully executed. When she’s not unravelling creative briefs, she’s drinking Guinness or learning French. Or trying both at the same time. With a love for new experiences, Christy delights in the ever-changing challenges of working on Echo’s clients. 

Helen Richards


With a fascination for diverse human cultures, Helen brings an enthusiastic curiosity to her role as brand strategist. Helen uses design thinking to connect brands and people, creating meaningful and valuable relationships that grow and evolve over time. After studying French at Oxford, Helen has worked in marketing, publishing and wine before joining Echo. 

Dani Verbeeten


Dani trained in structural design and has always had a passion for bright colours and making ideas come to life. Passions which came into their own when she worked for Lego’s concept lab in Denmark. But love brought her back to the UK. Luckily for her husband – and for Echo. She’s always looking to find the emotional connection between brand and consumer and is skilled at expressing that connection visually in moodboards and scenario sketches. When she’s not turning around projects in a single day, she’s bringing order to a chaotic household. Dani is laid back and easy going – useful skills when looking after three children and a dog.

Jessica Skinner


Does nothing by halves.

Jess thrives on a challenge and as she moves into her 23rd home in 24 years, she isn't looking to get comfortable yet. Her attitude to brands is no different and it is those that disrupt and shake up the creative industry that get her bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. Having worked both client and agency side, Jess has an overarching knowledge of designing and developing brands. 3D brand designer, strategist, trend forecaster, copywriter - Jess does nothing by halves and won't stop learning a skill until she has it mastered. Just don't ask her to change a lightbulb.