Victor's ECHO Internship

By Quackers

Victor's ECHO Internship

"I was able to learn and understand the strategic process used by ECHO..."


My name is Victor, I am from Sweden and have just graduated from the BA Product Design Course at Central Saint Martin´s College of Art & Design. During the placement at ECHO I was given a brief where I was asked to deconstruct a brand in order to fully understand its values and target market. My mentors at ECHO helped me along the way and I was able to learn and understand the strategic process used by ECHO. These learnings were later translated into a new brand and product concept, which I have been working on for the last few weeks together with graphic design intern Jamil.

The whole experience has been interesting and it was particularly fun to work in a team of people with different skills. I have learnt many new things and the placement has given me a deeper understanding of the industry.

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