The technology enhanced shopping trip

By Nick Dormon

Anticipatory design will see technology executing decisions on our behalf freeing us up for the ones we enjoy making.

The launch of ECHO’s annual insight journal Absolem 2015 is fast approaching. Exploring the technology enhanced shopping trip, solutions for a packaging free world, how products must behave like brands and much more, Absolem 2015 brings change to life through exciting and accomplishable solutions for brands.

Journeying from an age of information to an age of automation

The retail sector provides a huge opportunity for brands to enhance the way consumers experience their products in-store. When faced with interminable rows of physical packs, the supermarket can offer a daunting shopping experience. In an age of information, consumers need to know more about brands and their products to aid decision-making at the point of purchase.

Technology and design allows brands to be one step ahead, communicating relevant information simply and conveniently, as well as enhancing brand experience.

Anticipatory design will see technology executing decisions on our behalf freeing us up for the ones we enjoy making. Gathering data and prior knowledge of user preferences and routine patterns across connected devices, technology can automatically implement direction leading the consumer straight to products relating to their specific wants and needs.

Imagine a world where technology can allow a brand to transport consumers into their brand world through multi sensorial smartphone shopping. Imagine a world where technology can direct you to nappies for your baby because it knows you’re running low; and the latest Sauvignon Blanc for a celebratory dinner because it’s your favourite.

Through great brand design combined with technology, no instruction is needed; everything is intuitive and brand experience is heightened.

The future is not beyond arm’s reach; Absolem 2015 explores future-focused solutions that are achievable NOW.

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