Summer issue of RADAR is here

By Jess Skinner

We are delighted to present the latest issue of RADAR, which considers the changing design approach to gender, and key considerations for brands looking to appeal to either (or both).

Welcome to Radar, the design trends magazine curated by the ever-curious at Echo Brand Design. Our latest issue looks at A New Gender, the shifting sense of gender and the new codes evolving beyond stereotypes of masculine and feminine design. We believe there are three key drivers:


Simplicity - From nappie brands to workout gear, we are noticing an emerging desire for simplicity in response to today’s fractured world; muted graphics, restrained colour palettes and unadorned illustration styles. Here we explore how this new desire for all-things-neutral is driving a transition towards genderless, understated brand design.


Individuality - As we embrace a movement towards new visions of beauty and millenials continue to pride themselves on individuality, many brands are responding with new attitudes and ideals. These brands stand for something stronger than gender or sexuality and instead have a strong ideology that celebrates self-expression. How can androgyny help your brand to stand out?


Difference - Expectations of gendered design are pre-programmed into us at an early age from toy characters to colour associations and as a result we are naturally receptive to design that aesthetically stands for a certain gender. From foods to fragrances, gender codes are necessary in some categories for navigation and recognition, so what do the changing expressions of “masculine” and “feminine” look like?


The more nuanced view of gender identity presents exciting opportunities for design.


Radar is a printed publication but can also be read online here.

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