Manufacturers fail to invest in easy-to-open packs

By Nick Dormon

Research findings from Which? show that hard-to-open packaging is stopping a quarter of the public from eating what they want.

Packaging News came to ECHO for our thoughts...

Hard-to-open packaging is always a popular topic of discussion, but it's the manufacturers failing to invest in easy-to-open packs that's at the root of the issue.

The article states that the problems are caused by poor or inappropriate packaging, yet the designers for packaging industry have developed good useable solutions for all these situations, it’s just that manufacturers are not taking them up.

They are not willing to invest the large sums of money and time required to change their production lines to incorporate better packaging.  Usability is still well down the priority list - well below even sustainability. The problem is that there is a disconnect between users, marketing teams and production teams. The marketing teams are not aware of the detrimental effects of poor packaging on their brands and, even if they were aware, marketing teams are not part of the production decision making process, so will not be able to influence packaging changes.

We find the best way forward is to show the CEO a video of people struggling to get into his products - then things tend to get moving.

Follow the article on Packaging News.

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