Kiss the Moon launches in Selfridges

By Clem Cartwright

Premium beauty brand Kiss the Moon lands in the Selfridges Astrolounge among a host of special products and experience collaborations. 

This year, Selfridges have chosen to theme their annual Christmas Window ‘A Journey to the Stars’. This means metallic mannequins, neon lighting and a whole lot of glitter – but this also means great news for beauty brand Kiss the Moon who have been hand-selected to feature in the Selfridges Astrolounge. A mystical space showcasing beautiful products and gifts; the Astrolounge is a destination for customers looking to buy something with a little touch of magic.

Sleep is critical to health and wellbeing. It's a basic and fundamental human requirement that is important for good physical, mental and emotional health. While many beauty ranges focus on daytime care, Kiss the Moon is the first brand to focus purely on night-time well-being, providing products that are specifically designed to help you get to sleep and nourish your skin overnight. Echo's senior designer Gemma Gorringe designed the brand identity and packaging to work cohesively. The graphic elements of the design focus on the lunar eclipse and incorporate circular and crescent references to further communicate its night-time association - a perfect fit for Selfridges' journey to the stars.

You can find the Astrolounge on the LG Floor of Selfridges from now until Christmas. Receive your copy of the Kiss the Moon Christmas 2015 Guide to help you sleep beautifully here

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