Inspiration from...John Geary

By Maren Steffens

This month, we choose to celebrate the wonderful works of the great John Geary; the creative genius behind some of the world's most famous brands.

This month, we remember the life and works of John Geary – an exceptional craftsman, illustrator, designer and artist. For over 25 years, his works have delivered immeasurable value to the design industry (as well as our clients) producing illustrations and icons for prolific brands such as Johnnie Walker, Coca Cola, Belazu, Levi Strauss, Nike and many more.  The legacy he leaves behind speaks for itself; a creative genius with a gentle soul who was dedicated to his art and whose humble approach has inspired and will continue to inspire generations to come. 

At Echo, we believe in designing with madness, magic and meaning. Madness makes brands fearless, surprising and unique; magic makes brands crafted, fascinating and desirable; and meaning makes brands compelling and culturally relevant. As a result brands are future focused, aspirational and commercially effective. It is by no means an easy feat to hold all three of these special ingredients, and yet the inimitable and timeless illustrations of John Geary prove that it is by no means impossible. 

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