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By Niall McRiner

Katie Eary menswear collection 2014

ECHO created the identity and invitations for renowned fashion designer Katie Eary's Spring/Summer '15 show. We attended the show in order to support our latest client on her big day.

 A landmark entry in the diary of the fashion world, London Collections: Men (known as LCM by those in the know) showcases the greatest British talent twice a year. 

Attending the Katie Eary SS15 collection, entitled ‘Dallas Rodeo’ was the culmination of our first foray into the sphere of branded fashion and a month long collaboration with Eary’s studio. The show itself was a visual delight, drawing on influences such as television show Breaking Bad and recent movie, Dallas Buyers Club.

And we can't help but think that Katie's work is a perfect example of Madness, Magic & Meaning in action. She is not afraid to be provocative, a bit out there; towing a narrow line between couture and kitsch. And yet somehow that is what makes her clothes so mesmerising and what places her designs at the cutting edge of fashion. 

True to form, Katie delivered a collection to challenge perceptions, blending retro with contemporary and fresh, bold colours with an element of the macabre. Every last detail was thought of to flesh out the Dallas Rodeo theme, with glittery sand make-up, soft suede moccasins and gold-plated bird skull rings.

Even the after-party was at Casa Negra grill restaurant! Well done Katie – yet another phenomenal show under your belt!

See our design work for Katie Eary here!


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