How can brands rise above the digital onslaught?

By Niall McRiner

With the proliferation of connected information on the Internet, how can brands be sure that they are being found among digital content?

According to the media, today’s consumers are tech-savvy, smartphone-obsessed, data sifters - but is this the reality? The proliferation of connected information is overwhelming and consumers are dealing with the uncomfortable notion of finding themselves lost in the Internet on a daily basis.

We can all understand this feeling; maybe it’s finding the perfect local coffee shop on Instagram and making a reminder to visit; just before noticing the artisanal drinks brand available in store and their amazing photo feed; now on the edge of clicking to purchase...but look it’s the Cat Café I read about for perfect Sunday morning entertainment. And after all that, you can’t help but think, “How did I get here?”

Each day arrives with fresh digital media demanding our attention. The behaviour of pouncing onto the next item before fully absorbing or engaging with the previous intrigue, is now commonplace. A plethora of information, events, products and brands bombard us online, creating a sense of ‘Digital FOMO’ (Fear-of-missing-out). This isn’t empowering, it is overwhelming.

How can you be sure that your brand is being found among endless streams of digital content? It starts with the logo, the visual symbol of your brand. As the first thing customers see when browsing content online, it needs to be carefully considered.

A strong brand logo needs to be simple not cluttered or confusing. A straight forward approach will lead the brand into the fore ensuring maximum clarity and longevity.

A strong brand logo needs to correlate with the industry in which it sits. It needs to feel consistent with all other visual assets to enable consumers to identify with the brand.

A strong brand logo needs to be distinguishable and prevent brand confusion. A standout logo will make the brand easily recognizable in the short time they have to attract the consumer’s attention. 

Brands of the future need to understand that a digital user is on a complex browsing journey. Simplicity is key. Brands that aid the navigation process and pursue decision-simplicity strategies will come out on top.

At Echo, we believe brands need to be Stronger, Broader, Deeper. Stronger brands are grounded in compelling ideas that can be simply communicated making it easier for the consumer to feel confident about their choice and lead them down the path to purchase.

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