Have you defined your brand purpose?

By Alastair Jones


Here at ECHO we believe that purpose should underpin everything that a brand does. We were invited to participate in Marketing's series of Brand Design Essays for the October edition of the magazine.

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Charles Darwin

At ECHO, we don’t have a fixed process. Because set processes create prefabricated solutions to standard problems. It’s not problems that we face, but challenges. And every one of them needs a new, bespoke solution. But to get there we need something to guide our ideas:

Sophie Strang

Echo has completed the graphic redesign of iconic men’s grooming brand Brylcreem. 

Nellie Veltman
Opinion, Insight & Innovation, Inspiration

The impact of the craft beer movement cannot be depreciated, evolving from a once underground subculture into a driving force that has shaken up the beverage industry.

Lexie Forrester

A collaborative and streamlined innovation process creates new products to challenge the deodorant market.

Rachel Felwick