Good vibrations

By Giuliano Fenn

Good vibrations

No photoshop. No corrupted image. What is in front of your eyes is a real piece of Italian hand-carved furniture. 

The Good Vibrations Storage Unit is the latest work from Product Designer and Architect Ferruccio Laviani, and is the second collaboration of the designer with the fine furniture producers Fratelli Boffi. The unit has been presented last April at iSalone, Milan's Interior Design fair. Laviani is universally renown for his ability to re-contextualise shapes and elements from the past, usually by making a creative use of materials. Many of you will surely recall the lamp Bourgie for Kartell, or should have a look at his line of furniture F**K THE CLASSICS appeared at last year's iSalone also for Fratelli Boffi.

This ornate cabinet is designed to appear as permanently frozen in a digital glitch, exactly as if a picture of it got corrupted or hacked. This amazingly disorienting piece belongs to the artistic movement called New Aesthetic, that challenges order, beauty and symmetry with themes like digital malfunction or hacking.

Personally, I find myself delighted once again by Laviani's work and unquestionable Italian craftsmanship.

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