giffgaff shortlisted by the prestigious Transform Awards Europe

By Nellie Veltman

We are thrilled to announce that giffgaff has been shortlisted in the best visual identity category - Transform Awards Europe.

Honoring and recognizing innovative brand excellence across Europe, giffgaff joins an esteemed shortlist of technology, media and telecommunication brands celebrating design excellence.

A network run by its members, giffgaff wanted their brand refresh to be lively, surprising and appealing to a young audience. Echo’s integrated team of brand strategists, 2D and 3D designers created a digital noise identity that had a range of agile personalities that could work in different brand situations.

giffgaff’s Brand Director Tom Rainsford comments: “Our Digital Noise design visually captures the disruptive, youthful and vibrant tone, which is right at the heart of our brand. The fact that it does this before we have even said anything gives us an unquestionable advantage.”

See more of the giffgaff Digital Noise branding here.


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