Echo's design for Sure Men hits the shelves

By Nellie Veltman

We are excited to see our new design for Sure Men hit the shelves across the UK


Following Echo’s design harmonisation across the complete global Rexona brand portfolio, we are excited to see our new designs for Sure Men hit shelves across the UK. With over 10 variants, Sure won’t let you down. 



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Herr Doctor and Hair Doctor, (Nigel and Ash) explain the finer details of the new ECHO identity to a captive audience. A fine time was had by all.

Ashley Carter
Opinion, Insight & Innovation

Only 8% of those who make new year's resolutions stick to them, and those who don’t are most likely to abandon them after just one week. At ECHO we believe that success begins and ends before the clock strikes midnight.

Sophie Strang
Insight & Innovation
VO5 range architecture

In a faster moving market place than we’ve ever experienced, with copycat brands hijacking previously ‘owned’ spaces and innovation pipelines driving the constantly unsatiated consumer; only the strongest of brands can survive. Great range architecture is, undoubtedly, the foundation on which to build longevity. 

Nick Dormon
Opinion, Insight & Innovation
Customisable vodka

ADVOCACY OVER ADVERTISING- The surfeit of advertising media means it is no longer possible for big brands to dominate channels. Instead, everyone must strive to build consumer advocacy by crafting unique, relevant and engaging product experiences that consumers will want to talk about. 

Sophie Strang