Echo redesigns Radox luxurious bath range

By Nellie Veltman

Echo creates a new design for the Radox luxurious bath range, highlighting the brands expertise in luxury bath time moments

Radox are iconic in the world of sensorial shower and bath time moments, positively transforming our moods through uplifting and relaxing fragrance experiences.

The new graphic design for the Radox luxurious bath range brings to life the design idea of a ‘drop of luxury’. Through the use of intricate illustration, Echo have created individual visual world’s for three variants, ‘feel blissful’, ‘feel heavenly’ and ‘feel pampered’. Each variant is led by its own unique fragrance that transforms us into sensorial worlds of relaxation. The illustrative design of the ‘feel blissful’ variant brings to life a midsummer English country garden fragrant with the scent of calendula and rose. The design for the ‘feel heavenly’ range evokes a tropical island paradise with the scent of coconut. Lastly, the ‘feel pampered’ variant inspires the warm, rich world of the Savannah with the indulgent scent of shea butter and ginger.

Nigel Ritchie, Creative Director at Echo comments “working on the Radox luxurious bath time range presents the perfect opportunity for design to help reinforce a multi-sensorial experience that transforms users into moments of delight”.

Through rich, colorful illustration and the use of printed gold, the design reinforces the iconic luxurious Radox bath time experience.


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