Echo name and design award winning agave spirit Oné

By Nellie Veltman

Echo have created the brand name and identity for Oné, a brand new super premium Agave spirit. 

Oné (on-ee, meaning earth or soil) is a premium, ultra smooth spirit brewed and distilled from the first Blue Agave ever harvested in New Zealand. Each Blue Agave plant was carefully cultivated in the rugged terrain of the northern tip of New Zealand’s South Island. It was originally thought that the Agave seeds had little chance of flourishing in a terrain so different from their natural arid habitat, but each was coaxed into maturity before being harvested and steam-roasted.

The sweet, rich Blue Agave juices are brewed into a beer over twelve days, and then double distilled in a copper pot still. The slow maturing of the Blue Agave results in an exquisite spirit with a delicate straw hue and light touch of oak.

Echo needed to create a design and identity that reflected the uniqueness of this special and premium spirit. The name means earth or soil in Mãori and the brand mark represents a fusion of the rawness and purity of the New Zealand earth, combined with the craft and technique of the copper and steel stills used in the distilling process. The design reflects the natural elegance, simplicity and quality of the product.

Oné has recently been awarded a 2015 Gold Medal Package design Award in the San Francisco World Spirits competition. 

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