ECHO designs packaging for Unilever’s new Degree for Women Motionsense in record time

By Rachel Felwick

A collaborative and streamlined innovation process creates new products to challenge the deodorant market.

ECHO has created the new structure and graphics for Unilever’s Degree for Women Motionsense stick deodorant range. 

Prompted by market challenges, Unilever needed packaging designs that would enhance Degree’s premium values and enable the brand to leap over and above its competitors in North America, whilst being sustainable and improving economies of scale.

Working in close partnership with Unilever, ECHO acted as a hub of efficiency, drawing on their expertise in both structural and graphic design to help coordinate all stages of the design process. This enabled the team to make decisions quicker and reduce innovation time by half, progressing from concept to final design lock in just seven months.

The redesigned Degree Motionsense range has a fresher and more aspirational look that expresses vibrancy and elegance. New graphic elements on pack include a modernised, more prominent master brand mark (the Tick) and refreshed sub-branding with vibrant variant expressions. The new ergonomic structure works with the elegance of the brand’s graphics. Two thin walled components combine to create visible depth and a more sculpted, feminine form giving a more sensorial user-experience. And the use of translucent materials modernises the teal of the previous Degree packaging. 

The same elegant structure was designed to share with other brands, creating significant economies of scale and reducing the time to market.

Andrew Capper, Director at ECHO said:

The great, long-term relationship ECHO has with Unilever meant we were able to act as a hub. We brought together brand, finance, design, manufacturing and supply chain teams to work together efficiently towards one vision, without compromising on quality.

The Degree for Women Motionsense range consists of seven variants, including three new variants, Peach Burst, Tropical Rush and Berry Cool and existing core products – Shower Clean, Sheer Powder and Fresh Energy, as well as Sexy Intrigue.

Degree for Women Motionsense is available in North America.

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