Echo design a range of innovative packaging solutions for NESTLÉ International Travel Retail brand SMARTIES®

By Nellie Veltman

Echo work with NITR and SMARTIES® to create exciting new added value packaging solutions that spark creativity, encouraging active and interactive play.

Iconic for its playful image, SMARTIES® is synonymous for bringing fun and smiles to families worldwide through the combination of a great chocolate taste with strong play value gifts to engage the senses and spark the imagination. Children see so much more than just coloured lentils in SMARTIES®; they see thousands of colourful stories and adventures. Building on the idea of ‘Create Colourful Stories’, Echo’s range of innovations are ideally placed to answer a wide number of consumer needs in gifting, sharing and inflight entertainment.    

SMARTIES® Toppers have been designed to include reversible finger puppets and crayons and the SMARTIES® dispensers are designed to drive interactivity and fun that will keep children entertained during their flight. Family members looking to bring a creative gift home can choose from a colourful SMARTIES® telescope or creative SMARTIES® Art Tube including crayons, coloured paper and drawing tools. Lastly Echo have designed a colourful money box tin and giant lentil dispenser. Through the creation of these packaging innovations, Echo’s multidisciplinary design team have reinforced the idea of ‘Create Colourful Stories’ through designs that foster creativity and encourage interactive play that requires active participation and engagement. 

Andrew Capper, Creative Director at Echo comments: “The travel retail environment offers a brand like SMARTIES® a unique opportunity to engage with consumers and deliver a unique brand experience. Through this project we have had the great pleasure of transporting ourselves back to childhood, immersing ourselves in the vibrant world of play with all its endless possibilities. Our ideas have been designed to spark the imagination with colour, fostering and activating creative play of the most imaginative kind.”

The new SMARTIES® gifts are now available throughout International Travel Retail globally.


For further information, please contact:
Nellie Veltman, Marketing Director for ECHO. 
Telephone: +44(0)203 691 7590
Email: nellie@echobranddesign.co.uk


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