Echo brings you Radar 2016

By Jess Skinner

Introducing the Winter issue of Radar, Echo's quarterly design trends magazine.

Welcome to Radar 2016, the design trends magazine curated by the ever-curious at Echo Brand Design. Our latest issue looks at The New Luxury. The traditional luxury brand landscape is changing with fascinating repercussions for brands. We highlight three key trends that are shifting our own personal interpretations of what luxury means for us as individuals:

Accessible: Today’s luxury isn’t about exclusivity or status; the boom of online shopping and next-day delivery is making luxury more convenient and accessible than ever before. We are all now looking for more emotional behaviour, products and services that focus on the power of individuality and choice.

Experiential: As luxury brands move from expense for the sake of expense, many are starting to respond to millennial desires for richer experiences and brand interactions. We are seeing luxury brands lead the way in creating new sensorial experiences, retail environments and digital platforms.

Responsible: Consumer awareness of and concern for social ethical and environmental issues are changing the way that we buy. Brands need to communicate their core values whether they are social, political or environmental to create lasting and meaningful experiences with their consumers. 

Today's notion of luxury is less tangible than ever, and all the more exciting as a result.


Radar is a printed publication but can also be read online here.



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