DBA Design Effectiveness Win for Joe's Tea Company

By Clem Cartwright

We are absolutely thrilled to have won a DBA Design Effectiveness Award for our work for Joe's Tea Company. 

Joe came to us an expert in tea but not in brand design. Together, we started a journey that would eventually bring his passion to the tables and teapots of a new generation. 

We delved into the world of London guilds giving us the idea to create hand-drawn crests for flavour variantation delivering a unique story and sprinkle of humour. Each pack was finished off with a bespoke map inside, giving the consumer something extra to explore and bring to life London's East End.

Finally, the time came for us to step back and watch Joe and Joe's Tea Company grow...

and grow...as the brand we created together hit the shelves of Harvey Nichols and Marks and Spencer nationwide, warmed tables in the Breakfast Club, adorned parisian cafes and hung out in Stockholm.

Joe's Tea Company winning a DBA Business Effectiveness award further showcases it as a fantastic example of how great design builds meaningful brands and drives business success.


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