The convergence of brand design and new technology

By Andrew Capper

The importance of collaboration between brand designers and new tech creators. 

We recently met with the Bakery, a UK-based company that works in partnership with agencies to marry up big-name brands with tech start-ups. 

At an Inspiration Session held at their home in Shoreditch, they explained their ‘Accelerator Programme’ and its aims to resolve specific brand challenges by trialing new technologies in-market. There is a real opportunity here for brands to learn from the ever-increasing number of technology businesses that are communicating within our digital environment. This low-cost and low-risk collaborative model allows for smarter working and the strengthening of brands to ensure their products remain future focused and relevant.

Looking at some of The Bakery’s innovation projects notably Walls ice cream’s on-demand delivery service, there is a focus on applications through marketing and activation. From a brand design agency point of view there is huge potential to incorporate these new technologies into product and packaging design. We have the ideas that will drive brand and consumer engagement but we need access to the skillset to build new technology. Likewise the start-ups are great at tech development but can struggle to take things to market. Adopting The Bakery’s mindset, this partnership can utilise our expertise as brand designers and digital programmers to drive innovation and deliver for the very best solutions for brands.

Fundamentally, that is what it all comes down to – creating solutions to meet changing consumer needs. When trying to maintain a busy lifestyle, time-sensitive concepts like these have never been more appealing, and companies that play within this field will come out on top. Take Amazon’s much discussed ‘Dash Button’ for example, a device that works in partnership with household brands to reorder products at the click of a button. Communicating convenience in this way will instantly bring consumer delight to the brand, as their wants and needs are delivered faster and more easily through experience.

In the second edition of our strategic journal Absolem 2015, we have developed several concepts that require the latest technology to create future focused solutions for brands – we do not see the proliferation of new technology as a threat; it is an opportunity to collaborate that will bring mutual benefits to all parties. So, let’s get baking!

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