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Absolem 2015

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A greater Degree of harmony
Knorr what's for dinner


What's for dinner?
ECHO brand design case study: VO5, Express yourself


Express yourself
Katie Eary

Katie Eary

Getting inside the mind of a modern fashion icon
ECHO brand design case study: Joe's Tea Co, How do you create a brand from a teabag?

Joe's Tea Co.

How do you create a brand from a teabag?
ECHO brand design case study: Cobra, Unleash the Cobra


Unleash the Cobra

Kiss the Moon

Sleep beautifully
ECHO brand design case study: After Eight, Reigniting old passions

After Eight

Reigniting old passions

This year, Junipalooza 2015 took place on World Gin Day on June 14th. Inspired and fortified by a love of gin, Creative Director Andrew Capper attended the event at the Vinyl Factory in Soho, to investigate new and innovative goings-on in the world of gin. 

Andrew Capper
Opinion, Insight & Innovation

Today, it is World Industrial Design Day and to celebrate Echo have contributed a two-part discussion to the online #RenewID campaign.

Andrew Capper

In a brand world where competition and personalisation are driving greater product ranges and variants, the challenge is to own a global range that is united not uniform. And design is your greatest tool.

Nick Dormon