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Global Portfolio Harmonisation

United but not uniform


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ECHO brand design case study: Joe's Tea Co, How do you create a brand from a teabag?

Joe's Tea Co.

How do you create a brand from a teabag?
Knorr what's for dinner


What's for dinner?
Katie Eary

Katie Eary

Getting inside the mind of a modern fashion icon
ECHO brand design case study: Cobra, Unleash the Cobra


Unleash the Cobra
ECHO brand design case study: VO5, Express yourself


Express yourself

Kiss the Moon

Sleep beautifully
ECHO brand design case study: After Eight, Reigniting old passions

After Eight

Reigniting old passions
ECHO brand design case study: Brylcreem, Safely stylish


Safely stylish

Since the rise of the metrosexual, everyone from multinational giants to kitchen table entrepreneurs have been quick to monetize the market. Pioneering new products and practices have overcome the traditional stigma associated with shopping for “beauty” 

Lexie Forrester

Trend and insight drivers are critically important, but something is missing from the ideation mix and that, in our view, is brand inspiration.  A strong brand should not only help keep its current assets and heritage in line, but should also help inspire new futures.

Nick Dormon

At Echo we know that standout and recognition on shelf are no longer enough. In today’s competitive market, that initial clarity must be underpinned with more: a holistic packaging experience that is both valuable and compelling in use.

Lexie Forrester