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Creating Colourful Stories


Designing the future of home rental
ECHO brand design case study: Joe's Tea Co, How do you create a brand from a teabag?

Joe's Tea Co.

How do you create a brand from a teabag?


ECHO rebrand giffgaff

Global Portfolio Harmonisation

United but not uniform
Knorr what's for dinner


What's for dinner?
Tropic Soul Branding Smoothies Tropical Fruit

Tropic Soul

Paradise bottled

Five Rivers

Designing a taste of the Punjab
ECHO brand design case study: Cobra, Unleash the Cobra


Unleash the Cobra
Freesat TV Branding


Bringing colour to TV

Craig & Rose

Cohesive & Dynamic Redesign
Opinion, Insight & Innovation, Inspiration

The rise of the unifying service brand - and the integral role of design in its success 

Nellie Veltman

Echo name and brand Canopy, the pioneering rent insurance app that is empowering the home rental community. 

Nellie Veltman
Opinion, Insight & Innovation, Inspiration

How is the powerful union of science, innovation and brand communications driving sustainable business futures?

Tashi van der Waerden