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Madness Magic Meaning


A greater Degree of harmony

Absolem 2015

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Knorr what's for dinner


What's for dinner?
ECHO brand design case study: VO5, Express yourself


Express yourself
Katie Eary

Katie Eary

Getting inside the mind of a modern fashion icon
ECHO brand design case study: Joe's Tea Co, How do you create a brand from a teabag?

Joe's Tea Co.

How do you create a brand from a teabag?
ECHO brand design case study: Cobra, Unleash the Cobra


Unleash the Cobra
ECHO brand design case study: After Eight, Reigniting old passions

After Eight

Reigniting old passions

Kiss the Moon

Sleep beautifully

This year, Junipalooza 2015 took place on World Gin Day on June 14th. Inspired and fortified by a love of gin, Creative Director Andrew Capper attended the event at the Vinyl Factory in Soho, to investigate new and innovative goings-on in the world of gin. 

Andrew Capper
Opinion, Insight & Innovation

Today, it is World Industrial Design Day and to celebrate Echo have contributed a two-part discussion to the online #RenewID campaign.

Andrew Capper

In a brand world where competition and personalisation are driving greater product ranges and variants, the challenge is to own a global range that is united not uniform. And design is your greatest tool.

Nick Dormon